Friday, October 16, 2009

5 reasons why you should watch Upin & Ipin made by lescopaque


1. Made in Malaysia, by MMU students ( ya proud )
2. The voice over is originally done in Malay Language. Which means you’ll never see unsynchronized mouth movements. this will make the animations more alive in terms of emotions. ( unlike saladin, the facial expression quite stiffy ) The character movements are pretty natural and alive. I’m feeling like watching Pocoyo, but with a background. ( pocoyo only have soft white background )
3. the extremely appealing cute factor. which make anum and kamil ( anak jiran sebelah ) love it very much.
4. it also explain how and why muslims need to fast, which is verily well written and presented in the animation. ( unlike saladin which brings quite a question.. like saladin act of hesitation to fight )
5. and they serve 6 teaser episode.. and saladin only 2 episode but.. i wonder with those high budget they have to produce, where’s the quality. with poor content management ( i afraid they didnt take much attention of the saladin character himself.. because one people complaint they potray saladin’s mother with improper veil/tudung, and one people complaint that saladin grabbing the girl as improper ) here the key is the reasearch and ideation. the movement.. if you watch the saladin.. the movement are pretty stiffy. keras. kurang hidup. compared to lescopaque, they’re more alive and well researched. from the cow to the movement of playing guli.

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